BEST 9K Series Cylindrical Lockset

BEST 9K Series Cylindrical Lockset

BEST 9K Series Cylindrical Lockset

Mar 23
BEST logo The BEST 9K Series has a reputation for being the manufacturer's go-to heavy-duty cylindrical lever lockset. Furthermore, it's made with the highest quality materials and certified to meet the most scrutinizing building codes. Essential, BEST 9K Series Cylindrical Locksets are trusted to meet the punishment that high-traffic areas. For example, typical applications of the BEST 9k Series tend to be in commercial, industrial, and institutional use, such as schools, hospitals, and factories where a longer service time and resistance to physical abuse are musts.

The Best of the BEST

BEST's 9K Series is designed with durability, longevity, and adaptability.  For instance, the 9K Series lockset was tested to 5 million cycles, exceeding the normally required cycles required by more than ten times the BHMA Grade 1 criteria by UL. Also, the 9K Series is adaptable, an easy retrofit, and easily installed (no drilling necessary). Also, the 9K Series can accommodate a large variety of keying options:
  • 0B* – non-IC zero-bitted
  • KA* – non-IC keyed-alike
  • KD* – non-IC keyed-different
  • COR** – non-IC Corbin Russwin
  • MED** – non-IC Medeco
  • SAR** – non-IC Sargent
  • SCH** – non-IC Schlage
  • YAL** – non-IC Yale
  • CORRC** – Corbin Russwin removable core
  • SARRC** – Sargent removable core
  • SCHRC** – Schlage removable core (14 and 15 levers only)
  • YALRC** – Yale removable core
  • ATB*** – 2 3/4” through-bolt
  • ATB2*** – 2 5/8” through-bolt
* Six-pin cylinder in Schlage “C” included with 0B, KA and KD options. Must specify “6” for core housing. ** Cylinder not included with OEM options. “0” must be specified for core housing. *** Only available on D rose; not available for 9K stand-alone electronic products or IDH Max.
BEST 9K Series Cylindrical Lockset


  • ANSI/BHMA A156.2 Series—Grade 1
  • ANSI A117.1 Accessibility Code (ADA compliant)
  • UL/cUL listed (3-hour) for single or double swinging doors
  • Florida Building Code and Miami Dade County (WS option) compliant for hurricane resistance
  • California State Fire Marshal (California Title 24) compliant
  • California State Fire Marshal compliant for fire door
  • This product has been approved by the California State Fire Marshal (CSFM) pursuant to Section
  • 13144.1 of the California Health and Safety Code
  • BAA & TAA compliant
  • Illinois Accessibility Standard compliant
Product Specifications:
  • Latch: solid stainless steel 9/16” throw; front 2 1/4” and 1 1/8” beveled
  • Lever handles: plated zinc alloy
  • Trim: brass or bronze
  • Strike: ANSI 2 3/4” standard; ANSI S3 4 7/8”, ANSI S3 7/8” flat, and 7/8” flat strike (STK) available
  • Chassis: zinc alloy and corrosion-treated steel; 2 1/16” diameter
  • Door thickness: available for 1 3/4” or 2 1/4” doors; spacers available for 1 3/8” door
  • Door prep: 2 1/8” diameter cross bore
  • Backset: 2 3/4” standard; 3 2/4” and 5” available
Warranties: Ten-year mechanical Three-year finish (613 carries no finish warranty)
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