dormakaba E-Plex 7900 RFID Electronic Lock

dormakaba E-Plex 7900 RFID Electronic Lock

Oct 13

Next generation E-Plex electronic wireless locks


With a streamlined design, this heavy duty electronic lockset is built for performance. The most versatile E-Plex model to date, it functions in standalone or wireless modes for cylindrical, mortise and exit device applications. The E-Plex 7900 when used with Keyscan Aurora, LUNA software, offers the same trusted function and reliability customers have come to love with other E-Plex product offerings.


With variable models each designed to function with a designated list of credential types, E-Plex 7900 can be trusted in many access control environments.


iClass Legacy (Public Key)

  • HID 13.56 MHz iClass Classic
  • HID Corporate 1000 (35, 48 bit)
  • Keyscan 36-bit
  • Open format 26-bit
  • HID 37-bit (H10304)
  • MiFare Classic (CSN Only)

iClass SEOS (Public Key)

  • HID 13.56 MHz iClass SEOS
  • HID Corporate 1000 (35, 48 bit)
  • Keyscan 36-bit
  • Open format 26-bit
  • HID 37-bit (H10304)

iClass SE & Legacy* (Keyscan Elite Key)

  • HID 13.56 MHz iClass Legacy,
  • SR and SE with Keyscan Elite Key
  • Keyscan 36-bit

Proximity (125kHz)

  • Keyscan 36-bit format
  • HID Corporate 1000 (35, 48-bit)
  • HID 26 bit
  • HID compatible 125kHz prox technology

Mifare with BLE (13.56 MHz)

  • Keyscan K-SECURE 1K/4K (36-Bit)
  • Keyscan Mobile Credentials (36-Bit)
  • MiFare Classic (CSN Only)


E-Plex 7900 added benefits

Integrated wireless access control

  • Functions in wireless mode with Keyscan Aurora V (later), or dormakaba Enterprise software.
  • Functions in offline mode with Keyscan LUNA V2.0 or Aurora V1.0.22.0 (or later)
  • Can be utilized in conjunction with E-Plex 7900 as well as E-Plex 3x00 Series and E-Plex 5x00 series electronic wireless locks.
  • Compatible with most credential technologies, including Keyscan BLE mobile credentials

Streamlined design

  • Less projection from door
  • Integrated RFID reader
  • Integrated wireless antenna

More secure

  • Batteries and wireless antenna on the secure side of the door
  • Offers door monitoring capabilities

Easier to see visual indicators

  • Top mounted LED indicators


A cost effective wireless lock solution

With Aurora Software

The E-Plex 7900 wireless model integrates with Keyscan Aurora software using a ZigBee wireless network, which creates a twoway communication from lock to Aurora software. This allows installation of up to 25 locks per gateway and 2 router hops to a maximum of 100 E-Plex 7900 wireless locks per gateway on any system running Keyscan Aurora version 1.0.15 or later. E-Plex 7900 also function on networks utilizing other E-Plex wireless lock models using the same credentials.


Each lock can be offline programmed with the same data from Keyscan Aurora OR LUNA software. The data is then uploaded to each lock using a handheld M-Unit. (NOTE: this requires LUNA 2.0 or Aurora version 1.0.22 or later).


With Enterprise Software

The E-Plex 7900 wireless model integrates with dormakaba Enterprise software using a ZigBee wireless network, which creates a two-way communication from lock to Enterprise software. E-Plex 7900 can also function on networks utilizing other E-Plex wireless locks using the same credentials.

  • Requires Enterprise Version 4.2 or higher.
  • Requires Gateway firmware V 2.0.78 or higher. Existing Gateways can be updated over the air with gateway firmware V.2.0.76 or higher (older versions may require factory update)
  • Requires optional command card set based upon lock card technology for programming. (Retain for future programming)

Typical E-Plex 7900 offline or wireless application


Offline / Standalone

  • Program each lock directly
  • Data and permissions are transferred from
  • Keyscan Aurora or LUNA software and uploaded to each lock using M-Unit handheld

Integrated Wireless Network

  • Up to 100 gateways per network
  • Up to 100 devices (locks/ routers) per gateway
  • Up to 8 routers per gateway
  • Locks can be up to 2-hops from gateway

Integrated Wireless Network

  • Up to 100 gateways per network
  • Up to 100 devices (locks/ routers) per gateway
  • Up to 8 routers per gateway
  • Locks can be up to 2-hops from gateway





Heavy duty, electronic lockset with clutch mechanism and built-in contactless RFID reader.

HandingCylindrical lock is dual handed. Field reversible levers.
Levers (Inside & outside)

ADA compliant, outside lever free to rotate upward and downward in locked mode.

Lever clearance (space from end of lever to door): Long Lever: 3/8” (9.5mm lever clearance)

Key OverrideIlco KIL cylinder, keyed different. Best (SFIC) and equivalents (core not included).
Latch1/2” (13 mm) Deadlatch
Door ThicknessFrom 1-3/8” to 2 .” (35mm to 66mm).
Shipping Weight8.5 lbs (3.8 kg)
Housing ConstructionCast zinc alloy (outside housing, levers, and thumbturn), stainless steel inside housing.
FinishesSatin chrome, Bright brass, Bright chrome, Dark bronze, Satin brass, Satin nickel, Ultra satin chrome.
Standard Backset2 .” (70mm) backset
Locking Option

Cyl, 2-3/4” or 2-3/8”Backset, 1/2” bolt; Cyl, 2-3/4” Backset, 3/4” bolt 

Mortise, 1-1/4” Faceplate (FP), Utility, with or without deadbolt; Mortise, 1” FP, LH or RH no deadbolt; Mor, *1” FP, LH or RH  with deadbolt; For Exit trim options refer to E-Plex Exit Trim in Electronic Lock Price Book (KAA1211)


Alkaline batteries (4 AA). Low battery indicator in software and on lock. Battery life up to 1 year (based on optimal usage).

Programming & Audit Trail 

Lock memory stores 30,000 audits, max 10,000 users, wireless locks using Aurora software stream lock transactions in real time with on-line programming. Stand-alone lock programming and audit retrieval requires M-Unit (MUNIT-51-114).

Programming Command Card

Command card set matching card technology of lock ordered is required to be purchased separately to program all locks with that same card technology (not included with lock).


ADA compliant, BHMA/ANSI Grade 1, Florida Windstorm (mortise), UL10/UL10C, ULC S104,

FCC Part 15 Class C and CE directive 2014/53/EU and industry Canada compliant.

Operating Conditions-31°F to 149°F (-35°C to 65°C) 0% to 85% non-condensing humidity at 86°F (30°C).


*Battery life may vary from application to application, and by operator use. Battery life will vary based on reader technology. Battery life will be lower with 13.56MHz smart card readers or BLE technology as compared to 125kHz prox technology. Battery life may vary based on the function of the lock. Residence function locks or auto-deadbolt locks will have lower battery life than storeroom usage.

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