Schlage + Pure Access Electronic Access Control

Schlage + Pure Access Electronic Access Control

Schlage + Pure Access Electronic Access Control

Sep 29

Schlage + Pure Access Cloud ecosystem

The benefits of Electronic Access Control 

Electronic Access Control (EAC) provides the ability to know and control who has access to what doors and when. While that is an important advantage, there are additional benefits to consider including: 


Reduce the time and costs associated with managing keys due to frequent turnover 

Enhance security with more visibility and control 

Increase efficiency by enabling updates to occur from virtually anywhere

Mitigate risks associated with lost or stolen keys, provides a detailed audit of events 

Increase satisfaction by enabling convenient card or mobile access to shared spaces 

Schlage offers a complete ecosystem that works seamlessly with Pure Access Cloud software to deliver a cost-effective electronic access control solution for low to medium complexity applications. 

Benefits of Schlage and Pure Access cloud solution: 

  • Accessible: anytime and anywhere from your phone, tablet or desktop 
  • Efficient: hosted solution eliminates onsite equipment and maintenance costs 
  • Secure: advanced encryption, monitoring and data protection of your system 
  • Intuitive: simple user interface and workflow to add users, access points and rules 
  • Complete: Manage your facility with Power over Ethernet (PoE) reader controllers that provide real-time access for perimeter openings combined with Wi-Fi connected locks for interior doors, all through a unified software experience 

Pure Access Cloud 

Managing access control is easy and efficient

Pure Access Cloud is a web-based application that provides a complete access control platform allowing for full installation, administration and management of our patented Pure IPTM access control hardware and Schlage wireless locks. The modern user interface (UI) establishes a standard for ease of use in managing access points across any geography through a mobile device, tablet or modern browser. Pure Access Cloud brings features and functionality to access control that fully leverage the power of our PoE reader controllers and wireless locks.


  • Real time monitoring, customizable dashboards and live alerts 
  • Full reporting suite 
  • Web API 
  • Fully hosted access control platform 
  • Custom rules engine 
  • Partitioned tenants with defined areas 
  • Predefined and customizable user roles and permissions


  • Lower total cost: The cloud eliminates capital expenditure on network servers and infrastructure, along with implementation costs. The annual license includes all updates and new versions with no additional cost and happens automatically. 
  • Available and accessible: Access control in the cloud allows you to manage your security on-the-go from anywhere. Grant access, add a user or even monitor activity without the need to be onsite. 
  • More secure: 24/7/365 infrastructure monitoring Cloud providers can deliver a level of security that many small or medium-sized business operating alone can match. From full encryption and firewalls, to automatic technology patches and upgrades. 
  • Less administration: Leverage our cloud expertise to handle ongoing maintenance and management; allowing your IT team to focus on more important matters.

Pure Access Cloud 4.0

New workflows and enhancements


Customizable dashboard configuration for real-time monitoring

Calendarized schedule views allow you to see all schedules, events and holidays in a calendar format

Simple filtering and search capabilities on each page to find what you’re looking for faster

Schlage RC reader controller 

for real-time accesscontrol applications

The Schlage RC is the next generation reader controller that combines the innovative Pure IP™ access control technology pioneered by ISONAS together with Schlage’s intelligent hardware and credentials to deliver a comprehensive and cost-effective perimeter solution that connects direct to the network.


  • Real-time connectivity; local mode feature allows readers to function without a connection to the network for: Faster user response times, Less network traffic, Reduced host system loading 
  • Mullion, wall mount and wall mount keypad form factors 
  • Supports 125 kHz proximity, 13.56 MHz smart technology, and 2.4 GHz BLE mobile credentials from Schlage 
  • Intelligence Capacity: 64,000 credentials - 5,000 events; 32 time schedules - 32 Pure Access scheduled events 
  • TLS 1.2 encryption for secure communication 
  • Supports network communication speeds of 10 or 100 mbps half or full duplex 
  • Visit or view the RC data sheet for additional details and specifications


  • This cost-effective all-in-one edge device seamlessly integrates with Pure Access Cloud by connecting to an existing IT network via a single PoE cable 
  • The Schlage RC reader controller opens the door to real-time connectivity with local mode feature 
  • By eliminating the need to run separate power to the door, installation time is significantly reduced

Ideal for perimeter entrances 

Upgrade sensitive spaces

Reader controllers and accessories 

Available in three form factors that fit most popular applications 

RC11 mullion mount 

  • Mullion mounting 

RC15 wall mount 

  • Single gang mounting 

RCK15 wall mount with keypad 

  • Single gang mounting 
  • Backlit keypad 

Use these accessories to complete your installation of the Schlage RC 

Pigtail cable (required for installation) 

Connects the Schlage RC to the locking device and other accessories around the door. Simplifies installation by allowing pre-wiring to be done prior to mounting the Schlage RC. 

Advanced security module 

Designed to provide an increased level of security; recommended for all perimeter applications featuring the Schlage RC. 

Magnetic lock kit

Protects the Schlage RC from in-rush voltages and is primarily used for magnetic door locks; especially those with quick-release feature. 





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