Wrap Around vs Butt Mount Size Opening Differences

Wrap Around vs Butt Mount Size Opening Differences

Dec 31
Ask the Door Guy | Wrap Around vs Butt Mount Size Opening Differences Question:What is the rough opening size differences with Wrap Around Frames vs Butt Mount Frames? Answer:When you wrap a wall the rough opening is calculated by adding 2-1/2” on the width and 1” on the height to your nominal door size (clearances vary with frame manufacturers so be sure to confirm). When butt mounting a frame, in which the frame mounts against an existing wall, you need to factor in the frame face dimension and add in clearances. Most standard frames have 2” face so you would typically add 4-3/8” on the width and 2-1/4” on the height of your nominal door size. If we use a 36” x 84” nominal size as an example we end up with a 38-1/2” x 85” rough opening for wrap around and a 40-3/8” x 86-1/4” rough opening for butt mount. In addition to a broad offering of product and service solutions, IDN offers pre-sale and post-sale technical support.  The benefit to you is that we make security simple.  Whether your task is related to high-security systems, electronic access control, door installation, or other, our experts are here to assist.  Just let us know how we can help.Do you have a question, or need a quote? Contact your local IDN Branch, or ask the Door Guy through our website.© Copyright IDN, Inc.

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