Von Duprin Electrified Exits, Trims, and Electric Strikes

Von Duprin Electrified Exits, Trims, and Electric Strikes

Von Duprin Electrified Exits, Trims, and Electric Strikes

September 15

Electrified Exits, Trims, and Electric Strikes

Safety, Performance, And Quality You Can Trust


As buildings become increasingly complex, building security has become a top priority. One component of building security is access control, and electrified hardware is a smart solution to this challenge. Exit devices, is a crucial component of building safety, especially in emergency situations. However, exit devices can also be equipped with electrified options, such as electric latch retraction and electrified lever trim, to meet access control and monitoring requirements.


Von Duprin's Quiet Electric Latch Retraction (QEL)


Von Duprin's Quiet Electric Latch Retraction (QEL) is a revolutionary solution for environments where limited operational noise is desired. This feature is available on all Von Duprin 98/99, 94/95, 33A/35A, and 22 Series exit devices. The QEL option is available on panic devices and fire rated devices. Fire rated openings have several additional requirements. They must be self latching and self closing. To satisfy these requirements the QEL must be paired with an automatic operator and under the control of an automatic fire alarm system when used on fire rated openings.

The QEL option ensures that these devices always provide mechanical egress, and the electrified latch retraction can also be activated by an access control system or building automation system to unlatch the exit device momentarily for authorized users.


  • Von Duprin’s QEL is energy-efficient and utilizes standard 2-amp power supply, enabling longer wire runs from the power source.
  • Quiet operation in both mechanical and electronic states
  • Can be configured to electronically retract the latch for an extended period of time to allow free entry. This is a convenient alternative to mechanical dogging. 
  • Comes with on-board installation and troubleshooting diagnostics built into the device. 
  • The QEL option is vandal-resistant and detects and responds to events of attack and tampering.


Von Duprin M996L/L-BE Motor-Driven Electrified Lever Trim:


The M996L/L-BE Motor-Driven Electrified Breakaway Lever Trim is another smart solution for access control. This trim provides remote locking and unlocking capabilities, making it convenient and secure for applications such as stairwell control in high-rise buildings. Its patented vandal-resistant design ensures that it's tamper-proof, and the motor can be energized from a distant controller for easy access control. 



When electrically unlocked, the lever is operable, and when electrically locked, the lever is rigid. The M996 trim works with either 12VDC or 24VDC power supplies and comes with a field-selectable dip switch for either Fail Safe (FS) or Fail Secure (FSE) functionality, making it easy to configure.


This trim can be ordered with a device, added to an existing 98/99 series device application, or a conversion kit can be added to an existing 996L/996L-BE, or E996L/E996L-BE trim. Its versatility and ease of installation make it a popular choice for building owners and security professionals.


Von Duprin Electric Strike: 

When electrified lock mechanisms are not practical, electric strikes provide a cost-effective alternative. What sets electric door strikes apart from conventional lock strike plates is their movable keeper. The keeper engages with the latch bolt of the lockset or panic hardware, either securing it to lock the door or allowing the latchbolt to pass through the keeper for door access.


Von Duprin's electric strikes are designed to enable the release of a locked door without having to retract the latch bolt. These strikes are renowned for their dependability, resilience and safety features. They offer a broad selection of pre-configured electric strikes for new constructions, as well as customizable options for retrofitting purposes. They are well-suited for both independent setups and integrated access control systems.


In conclusion, electrified hardware is a smart solution for building security challenges. Whether it's panic hardware, electrified lever trim, or electric strikes, building owners and security professionals have numerous options to choose from. These solutions offer convenience, security, and safety, making them an essential component of building access control systems.


Traffic control

Affordable option for commercial application

Field configue power failure mode without disassembling the strike

Cylindrical lockset applications

Medium duty

Three faceplates standard accommodate more applications

Multiple finish options

Cylindrical lockset applications

Heavy duty

Broad application coverage with a variety of factor orderable options

Fire rated models available

Rim exit decice applications

Heavy duty

Broad application coverage with a variety of factory orderable options

Faire rated, fail secure

Mortise or cylindrical lockset applications

Heavy duty up to 2,000,000 cycle

Surface mounted, quick and easy installation

Fire rated, fail secure

Rim exit device applications

Heavy duty

Modular design adjustes to centerline of many MS/MD locks

Fire rated, fail secure

Mortise or cylindrical lockset applications


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