This section of our website is provided to help you match common security concerns with solutions in  buildings associated with the Military. Security  concerns are generally categorized in terms of protecting people and property while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements such as fire & life safety, accessibility (ADA), etc. The examples shown are a small subset of the overall solution set, but they are representative of the products and services used to enhance security in military buildings in all branches of service.

Mechanical Hardware

  • Are all doors in the facility equipped with properly functioning, code compliant hardware?
  • Are all doors equipped with access control have a properly functioning door closer?
  • Do any doors sag or rub?
  • Are cabinets containing sensitive material / information properly secured?

Door Hardware Accessories

  • Are restroom and high-use rooms equipped with touchless hardware?
  • Is the facility ADA Complaint?
  • Do you have specific doors / areas that would benefit from restricted access?

Perimeter / Exterior Security

  • Are perimeter doors equipped with exit devices?
  • Are there any windows that may be susceptible to break and enter?
  • Would it be beneficial to control your facilities incoming / outgoing vehicle traffic?
  • Would you like to know when exterior doors are being held open?
  • Are gates being secured / controlled?
  • Does security ensure that all perimeter doors are secured after hours?

Doors & Frames

  • Do you know that fire rated doors in poor condition may no longer hold their rating?
  • Do you know that a poorly functioning door increases the costs of heating and air conditioning?


  • Should sensitive documents/items be locked in a burglary safe after hours?
  • Does the facility have adequate control over equipment to prevent unauthorized access or use?

Electronic Hardware

  • Do you have requirements to control the flow of people through your facility or restrict access to specific areas?
  • Are employees/visitors protected from unwanted advances/attack?
  • Is security notified if a door becomes propped open?
  • Would being notified when a person attempts to gain access to a door they are not authorized to enter be beneficial?
  • Are server cabinets restricted by access control?
  • Do you have requirements for automatic doors for limited mobility employees or better traffic flow?
  • Would existing mechanical hardware benefit from the addition of electronic components to better control the opening?

Cabinet Hardware

  • Are all cabinets and desk drawer locks functioning?
  • Are secured cabinets and desk drawers electronically locked to restricted access?
  • Are server cabinets properly locked?


  • Does your facility monitor its grounds with CCTV?
  • Are events that transpire on the grounds in the facility being recorded?
  • Is there ever a concern about visitors remaining on the grounds or in a building after hours?

Key Controls

  • Is control over access to buildings adequate (i.e., knowing exactly who has access to a given building and when they entered and left)?
  • Are your facilities keys easily duplicated?
  • Do you want greater control over who has copies of the keys?
  • Do you require pick / drill resistant cylinders?
  • Do you know where your most important / Master keys are?
  • Do you know when your keys are returned?
  • If keys are found do you know what they are for / who they belong to?


  • Does your on-staff locksmith have all the proper tools to increase productivity?
  • Do you have assets that should be better identified by means of engraved marking?
  • Are you able to cut duplicate your own keys in case of emergency?

Complementary Items

  • Are doors reinforced at the location of the lock to protect from damage?
  • Are corners and frames protected from damage from equipment?
  • Does the facility need to attach a keyless lock on a gate or fence?
  • Do levers or knobs need protection from impact damage?
  • Are exit signs, motion detectors, beacons, strobes, speakers, or lights at risk of vandalism or damage?
  • Are heavy doors able to swing freely without issues from the door closer?
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