BEST EHD9000 Door Closer: An Advanced Solution for All Needs

BEST EHD9000 Door Closer: An Advanced Solution for All Needs

BEST EHD9000 Door Closer: An Advanced Solution for All Needs

Nov 29


Dormakaba’s has recently introduced its latest door closer model, the BEST EHD9000. It has proven to shine as a top-notch choice in door closers, offering a remarkable combination of quality, innovation, and versatility. In this article, we'll be taking a deep dive into the specifications, uses, applications, and extra features of this projected industry-leading door closer.

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EHD9000 Specification

The BEST EHD9000 Door Closer is designed with precision and innovation, featuring a set of remarkable attributes. The qualities and durability the EHD9000 encompass allows its implementation in nearly any kind of environment. These features include:

  • Single-Piece Cast Iron Construction: This door closer is built tough, capable of withstanding heavy use and challenging environmental conditions. Its robust design ensures it lasts a long time.
  • Customizable Closing and Latching Speeds: The EHD9000 lets you adjust both the closing and latching speeds, giving you control for various door and traffic needs. This feature guarantees a smooth and controlled door closing.
  • Advanced Variable Backcheck/Delayed Action Features: Ideal for applications where slower closing is preferred (i.e. healthcare) offering accessibility while maintaining security.
  • Universal Mounting: The universal mounting brackets ensure you will not need multiple variations and keep installation simple and easy.
  • Intuitive Markings: The closer body has markings to identify the valve adjustment, making maintenance and adjustments a breeze while in the field.
  • Compatibility and Versatility: The EHD9000 utilizes the same hole pattern as the LCN 4040XP, making replacement or upgrades as simple as possible. One closer body can cover a range of sizes.
  • Front-Facing Spring Size Indicator: The front-facing spring size indicator ensures in all installations, the installer can clearly see the spring size setting during adjustment.
  • All Adjustments are front-facing: Front-facing adjustments make installing and adjusting the EHD9000 door closer seamless, including all modifications (except the spring size adjustment) able to be  changed with a flat-head screwdriver.
  • Self-Regulating Valves: Self-regulating valves ensure a consistent flow of fluid in the door closer, even under extreme & varying temperatures. This enhances its performance and reliability.
  • Market-leading Arm Options: The EHD9000 Door Closer offers various finishes, including plated ones, so it can blend seamlessly with different door styles. (With over 30 arm options for various applications, you can tailor it to specific operational needs.)
  • Metal Cover Options: You can choose an optional metal cover in painted or plated finishes to suit each space.
  • Non-Handed Design: Designed to work for both push and pull side mounting, providing flexibility during installation.
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With all the features the EHD9000 offers, it is hard to think of a door closer project it wouldn’t work with. Some examples of the best spaces and places the EHD9000 really shines are:

Within these spaces, there are often an array of different kinds of passageways and egresses. Luckily, you will no longer have to worry about having multiple door closers on hand to find the right fit. Due to the EHD9000 versatility, almost all entrances and exits are a good fit. Real-world examples of these applications are:

Entry and Exit Doors

ADA Compliance Areas

High-Traffic Egress 

Fire Rated Doors

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You can find the BEST EHD9000 Door Closer at IDN Global., a trusted source for security hardware solutions. Withs its array of features and applications, the EHD9000 is the go to choice for those seeking top-notch door closer solutions. Check it out for yourself on our website or come into one of our local branches and see it firsthand.

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