IDN is the Only Supplier for My Company

“IDN-Montreal has been a life saver for me many times. I always get excellent service who always took the time to answer my questions, get information on items, do quotes on jobs, getting items over rush, coming over to my company to help and so on. They would always go above and beyond the call of duty and that is why IDN is the only supplier for my company.”

Maurice B.
Longueuil, Quebec

IDN is a Partner in Our Success

“IDN has been a vital part of our success for many years. With excellent customer service, multiple warehouses and a product selection second to none, they allow us to offer our customers product choices and competitive pricing while controlling costs. Their ability to provide almost any product on a next day delivery basis, aids us in controlling inventory levels. IDN is more than a vendor relationship, they are a partner in our success.”

Randy H.

You Guys Do a Great Job!

“Just wanted to thank the Indy Office for all their help and support. Thanks again, you guys do a great job!”

Chandler, IN

IDN Has a Loyal Customer for Life

“The Indianapolis branch is always there for me an dhave been most helpful both in local business knowledge and product knowledge. When I need it ‘right now’, they are on it. I would like to commend IDN in no uncertain terms for always being on my side, and IDN has a loyal customer for life. Thanks IDN and the Indy Location!”

Garth H.
Brownsburg, IN

IDN is Our #1 Go-To Supplier!

“IDN’s large network of warehouses and extremely fast shipping times has saved us fro having to keep large quantities of stock on hand. IDN is always there to fulfill our emergency needs and provides friendly, knowledgeable support both by phone and in-person when we utilize our local IDN-Syracuse Branch. IDN is our #1 Go-To supplier!”

Hope T.
Syracuse, NY

Gone Above and Beyond

“The staff at the Burlington location of IDN Canada, have always gone above and beyond to assist us with fulfilling our orders. They offer prompt, friendly service and will often take the initiative to find the best products for our needs. Well-informed about the latest industry technologies and their applications, they have been proven to be an invaluable source of information for our growing business.”

Greg W.
Burlington, Ontario

Highly Recommend IDN

“In the locksmith world it is rarely the same problem twice. With the security professionals at IDN, the staff is always available to help with those unique problems that surface in our industry. I have been doing business with IDN for over 15 years and they are not only my main supplier, I have come to know the Dartmouth staff as colleagues and friends. Always going out of their way and giving that something extra, to help me help my customers. IDN also makes it easy for my company to compete with big box stores by supplying great quality products at very competitive prices with amazing warranties. I feel IDN knows the key to success is to help their customers succeed, and they have great support for a small business to feel a big business back them up. I would highly recommend IDN to anyone who services the door and hardware industry, you won’t be disappointed!”

Travis C.
Moncton, New Brunswick

Very Satisfied With My Purchase

“I am writing to let you know how much I appreciate the outstanding customer service in Cincinnati. Recently, they assisted us with locating a specific lock. I called two other distributors and was told by one that they didn’t know what I was talking about and the other told me it was discontinued. Cinci went far and away above the call of duty by hunting it down and over nighting it to us. I have had many varied experiences with different vendors over the years and Cinci rises to the top. Your staff is always very attentive and helpful. The employees I interact with are very knowledgeable about your products and seem genuinely interested in helping me find items that meet my needs. Because of their efforts, I am very satisfied with my purchase. I will continue to do business with IDN in the future, as well as recommend you to others.”

Dakota C.
Louisville, KY

A Thumbs Up

“Just want to thank the entire staff of IDN-Montreal for giving us premium service and support for the past decade. They are patient and courteous at a level rarely seen in the industry. We call IDN at least 5-10 times daily and never do we feel like we are bothering them. Since working with products such as Alarm Lock, Detex, and Emtek, we have many technical questions that can only be answered by pros. This is why we like working with them. They are diligent and accommodating in every aspect. A thumbs up to this team!!”

Michael G.
Montreal, Quebec

Vital Contributor to Our Success

“IDN has been a vital contributor to our success over the past 15 years. Whether it’s supplying us with the essential hardware needed to complete our day to day jobs, quickly supplying us with a quote for a potential large project, or helping us come up with a solution to solve any hardware problems we have. The people at IDN are always eager to help and will go above and beyond what is asked of them. I have thoroughly enjoyed working closely with them over the years and look forward to continuing to build on the great relationship that we have developed with them.”

Shawn B.
Ottawa, Ontario

IDN is Backing Us Up

“The staff at the IDN-Toronto branch have regularly bent over backwards to make sure we get the product we need, when we need it. Clear communication, friendly staff and an excellent fill rate make IDN our go-to supplier these days. We recently completed a couple of large scale projects. The job went off without a hitch, and completed a week earlier than [my] customer anticipated. This kind of attention to detail and service means that we can deliver the high service standards our customers demand and deserve. With IDN-Toronto backing us up, we continue to grow and succeed.”

Alan L.
London, Ontario

I Will Always Think of IDN First

“I just wanted to take a minute of your time if you don’t mind and forward this note of thanks and appreciation. I have been dealing with IDN Canada since the start of my Locksmithing career. I still receive the utmost respect and service from this company. I have built some lasting relationships with the people in this company and it makes it a pleasure when I have to call for the smallest piece of info or place a large order. The pace of their business day doesn’t sway them when you are talking to them, it’s as though you are the only customer.
Koodos to all the staff at IDN Halifax. Keep up the excellent service and words of advice.”

Roger P.
Grand Falls-Windsor, NL

Quick Response

“We have been dealing with the IDN staff in Vancouver for more ten years. Their quick response, product knowledge, and availability has kept me a loyal customer. It is a value to me as an out of town customer that I know what is showing up on my orders the next day. Over the years we have developed a strong relationship with their staff due to their commitment to treating their customers fairly – also a good sense of humor helps.”

Vancouver, British Columbia

Exceptional Customer Service

“We have been doing business with the IDNHalifax branch since our inception 14 years ago. We have other suppliers available to us, but the lion’s share of our business has been given to the Halifax Branch of IDN due to the exceptional customer service we’ve always received from the staff there. No matter what we are looking for, we can count on them for a quick answer. They constantly go out of their way to make sure their service is top notch.”

Kirk M.
Fredericton, New Brunswick

We Really Appreciate All of the Help

“The IDN-Burnaby staff is very helpful, they go out of their way to serve us and help us beyond the call, we really appreciate all the help and service we receive from all the staff. Keep up the excellent work Thanking you all.”

Ted, Jerry, and Louise
Burnaby, British Columbia

Great Job

“I wanted to take the time to let you know what a great job you are doing. When I call the branch, my calls are returned, my emails responded, and quotes are back to me promptly. I do appreciate it.”

Chuck F.
Augusta, GA

IDN Has a Wonderful Team of People

“I would like to take the time to thank you for all the solutions you have offered me for the Hospital I service. Thank you for helping me implement them to be able to better serve their customers and for the security of the employees. IDN has a wonderful team of people that are always willing to answer my questions and send me quotes for whatever I need. You truly have a wonderful team of people that go above and beyond to satisfy the needs of its customers.”

John M.

I Will Always Think of IDN First

“I appreciate the outstanding customer service that IDN provides me on a weekly basis. The IDN staff is both attentive and helpful, willing to research [obscure] products and are very knowledgeable. Because of your efforts, I will always think of IDN first, as well as recommend it to others.”

Mark F.
Kansas City, MO

A Pleasure to Work With

“IDN has been a trusted and valued supplier of ours for over 43 years. We know that if there is anything we need, the salesmen will go out of their way to see that we get what we are looking for. Quotes, special orders, questions as well as orders are handled professionally and promptly. We utilize the Raleigh branch because of its close proximity. With 1 day UPS shipping we don’t have to keep a large stock of items, and know if we do need a part, it will be here quickly. Having such a large network, we know that if there is something our local branch does not have in stock, they will be able to find it for us through another network. The knowledgeable and friendly staff in Raleigh, along with an experienced salesman make this company a pleasure to work with.”

Jennifer R.
Hickory, NC

Can Only Say Positive Things

“I can only say positive things about the service from your staff. You always give me quick pricing on projects and are very helpful when I need a favor on a door/frame/lite that is needed right away.”

Karl W.
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

WOW! My Experience Has Been Amazing

“WOW! My experience with IDN has been amazing. I am always confident in knowing that when I order a product, it is what I ask for, and is delivered quickly so I can service my customers. Thank You IDN!”

Janet L.
Welland, Ontario

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