The Camden CX-EPD1289L Preload RIM Strike

The Camden CX-EPD1289L Preload RIM Strike

The Camden CX-EPD1289L Preload RIM Strike

Feb 15

The Camden CX-EPD1289L Preload RIM Strike

One issue nearly all security professionals have encountered is preload on an electric strike, preventing the door from opening. Preload, a pressure exerted on the keeper of an electric strike, can cause the mechanism not to release, often caused by extreme weather conditions, door misalignment, and or air pressure. This not only disrupts the functionality of door security systems but also poses a risk to the safety and security of premises. The industry's response to this challenge is the introduction of the Camden CX-EPD1289L, a surface mount RIM (Rim Interlocking Mechanism) strike designed to handle preload.

The Right Rim Strike 

The CX-EPD1289L is the first of its kind in the security industry. Introducing a 'No Cut' surface mount RIM strike for Pullman latches, capable of operating with up to 15 lbs. of preload pressure. Its 'Universal' design comes with selectable features like 12/24V, AC/DC operation, and Fail Safe/Fail Secure operation, offering unparalleled flexibility in application​. These features ensure that the CX-EPD1289L can adapt to various door security setups, making it a versatile solution.

The Difference It Makes 

o   Latch Projection:  3/4"
o   Voltage:  12/24V AC/DC
o   Current Draw: 

560mA @12V DC

280mA @24V DC

o   Static Strength:  1,500 lbs. (UL Verified)
o   Preload:  15 lbs.
o   Dynamic Strength:  70 ft-lbs.
o   Fire Rating: 

UL10C/CAN4-S104 3hrs.

(Fail Secure Mode Only)

o   Mode:  Field Selectable Fail Safe or Fail Secure
o   Duty:  Continuous
o   Dimensions: 

9-1/8"L x 1-7/8"W x 3/4"D

(231.6mm x 48mm x 19.8mm)

o   'No Cut’ surface mount RIM strike for Pullman latches

o   'Universal' design with selectable: 12/24V, AC/DC operation & Fail Safe/Fail Secure operation

o   Latches operate independently of each other​.


The CX-EPD1289L is engineered to manage preload pressure efficiently, ensuring that the electric strikes function optimally even under adverse conditions. The ability to handle up to 15 lbs. of preload pressure makes it a reliable choice in scenarios where door is a concern. Moreover, its 'Universal' design allows for a wide range of operational configurations, catering to different security requirements and enhancing its applicability across various setups.


Given its innovative design and functionality, the CX-EPD1289L finds its use in a myriad of settings. Commercial establishments, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and other premises requiring a robust and reliable door security system can benefit significantly from the CX-EPD1289L. Its ability to manage preload effectively ensures that doors function as intended every time, providing a seamless yet secure access control solution.


The Camden CX-EPD1289L Preload RIM Strike represents a significant stride in overcoming the challenge of preload in door security systems. Its award-winning design and remarkable functionality make it a notable solution in the modern security landscape, ensuring both ease of access and robust security. Through innovative solutions like the CX-EPD1289L, the security industry continues to evolve, offering reliable solutions and fostering a safe and secure environment.






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